Outdoor Climbing Locations

Tishomingo, Mississippi:  Mostly Top-roping and Bouldering
Directions: From Memphis TN, take highway 72 east to Iuka MS. Go south on highway 25 to Tishomingo MS, then take the state park exit on the far side of Tishomingo. From Jackson MS, take the Natchez Trace past Tupelo MS, after the highway 25 intersection, take a left into the park. There are a couple of places to climb. Follow the road through the park until you see a hanging bridge — there’s a place to park there & if you cross the bridge and go right on the trail (upstream), you’ll come to “Jean’s OverHang Area”. There’s also a bouldering area near the check-in station (follow the trail to the left).

Southern Illinois: Traditional, Top-Roping, Bouldering, and Sport Climbing
Directions: you can take either Interstate 57 to Rte. 146, east to Hwy 45, northeast to Ozark Road; or Interstate 24 north to Hwy 45, northeast to Ozark Road.  You can easily get to the Draper’s Bluff parking area by going back to Lick Creek Road, and going west (right) a short distance. To get to Ferne Clyffe State Park, go east (left), to Buncombe, then north (left) on Rte. 37 to the Park entrance. You can also get to Jackson Falls by going further north on Rte. 37, to Tunnel Hill Road, east (right) to Hwy. 45, east (left) to Ozark Road, etc.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch: Sport Climbing, Bouldering, and Top-Roping.
Directions: Located 7.5 miles west of Jasper, Arkansas off state highway 74 in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. Jasper is a small, scenic town (population of 540) in Northwest Arkansas, approximately 20 miles south of Harrison and 68 miles north of Russellville on state highway 7. If you’re traveling on I-40, take highway 7 North at Exit 81 in Russellville and proceed north to Jasper.

King’s Bluff, Tennessee:  Sport Climbing, Traditional, and Mixed Routes
Directions: I-24 in TN, towards Clarksville. Take exit 11 (Clarksville / Adam) and turn south (towards Clarksville; it’s a left turn if you’re coming from Nashville). You’ll get to a light with a K-Mart. Continue on for 5.7 miles past the light. You’ll see an BP gas station on your right, and immediately after passing it you should turn left onto Max Court. Parking in the lot at the gate or the cul-de-sac (contact the SCC Message Boards for the combination to the lock on the gate, this is private land) is fine. Once at the cul-de-sac. Walk through the gap in the railing and the trail will take you down to the base of the cliffline.

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