Begin April with the Memphis Bike/Ped Car-Free Challenge

Get there with Outdoors, Inc! (Click to access our online store)

Get there with Outdoors, Inc!
(Click to access our online store)

While the 1st of April marks a day of tomfoolery for most, I, as an Outdoors, Inc. employee, along with Bike/Ped Memphis and other  Memphis cyclists  embark on the 30 Day Car-Free Challenge! Memphis’ April typically guarantees torrential downpours, but, rain cannot stop BikePed’s challenge to the city of Memphis. While  the challenge encourages the locals to use the public transit systems and human-powered transportation, Bike/Ped Memphis also wishes to use the collected data as a reference for future improvement projects.

 “Now is the time to build support for programs and projects that enhance our ability to walk, bicycle, or use public transportation.”                                                       -Bike/Ped Memphis Blog

I wish I could commit to the entire thirty days. However, my fears of Memphis’ floods and tardiness to work compel me to commit to 18 days car-free.Luckily for me, the first day of my challenge was gorgeous! However, Memphis’ weather attempts to foil the initial stages of the challenge with severe thunderstorms throughout the remainder of the week. Yet, as an employee of an outdoor retailer, the unparalleled access to rain gear  makes me a formidable opponent to the Memphis weather.

18 days car-free

18 days Car-Free (Click to access the Registration Page)

Bike/Ped Memphis encourages everyone to participate in this challenge. Like myself, a participant DOES NOT have to commit to thirty days. I plan to utilize my bicycles during April. Others will use the bus, carpool or simply walk to their destinations. In the end, every attempt helps the Memphis community.

Sign up Today! Follow Outdoors, Inc. on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to follow my adventures. Use the hashtag #carfreememphis on Twitter or post on the Bike/Ped Memphis Facebook page to document your challenge. Good Luck!

It's Official!

It’s Official!


2 responses to “Begin April with the Memphis Bike/Ped Car-Free Challenge

  1. Great post. As they say, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear”. Love the inspiration for this challenge!

  2. I really enjoyed this post! If I lived in Memphis I would defintely take the challenge! And also go to Outdoors Inc. and buy some cool new gear!

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