Outdoors Inc Makes It Easier to Get Outside in Memphis

RootsRated, in partnership with Memphis’ local outdoor retailer Outdoors Inc., is launching this week to provide locals and visitors with an easier way to discover the best outdoor recreation in Memphis.

Ever find yourself traveling to a city, wondering where you can rock climb or trail run when you get there? Are you new to your area, or looking to try a new sport? With RootsRated, the best local outdoor experiences are at your fingertips.

This is “expertly-curated” information, which means our staff and ambassadors have selected their favorite spots for you. You won’t have to wade through dozens of options before making a choice; the 5 or 10 best local spots are right there, so you can pick one and get out there.

Here’s what Joe Royer, Owner of Outdoors Inc had to say about the project:

“Outdoors Inc. is already the hub of local knowledge for trails and put-ins in the Memphis area. RootsRated will give us a way to connect with customers by answering that all important question that retailers like us get asked everyday, “Where should we go to play outside?”

Find our favorite local places to go and things to do with http://www.rootsrated.com.

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