Did you know we sell…

1. Long boards? In 2006, we started integrating in long boards into our product mix. Now, in 2011, we are the proud dealer of three long board lines: Arbor, Sector 9, and Never Summer.  With the success of our maiden long board brand, Arbor, we are excited to see long boards take off in Memphis.  Long boards are for speed, hills, carving, and commuting.  People in Memphis take to the streets, the bluffs, and parking garages for their riding pleasure.  You will see people of all ages on long boards, there is no age limit.  We do suggest you invest in a helmet.

In addition to our long boards, we have brought in Kahuna Big Stick to accompany your long boarding experience.  What is a big stick you might ask?  Well, think of it as a paddle for your long board. Yes, a paddle.  For your long board.

2. Slack Line? Slack lining is quickly becoming a training technique for outdoor sports enthusiasts all over.  Originating amongst climbers, slack lining has shown up at festivals and on college campuses alike. Slack line kits includes webbing and two tension devices.  Other than that, all you need is two stable items to tie your slack line to.  This could be two trees, two car bumpers, anything that can hold your weight.  Slack lining is a great way to improve your balance and posture.  We carry the Gibbon Brand of Slack Lines.  We have invited them to be in attendance at our Canoe and Kayak Race, May 7th, performing tricks and allowing people to test out their products.

3. Baby Strollers? Not just any baby stroller.  These are the cream of the crop strollers.  BOB revolution strollers are made for on and off road baby fun.  Their swiveling front wheel allows for superior maneuverability.  Although the rugged exterior allows for you and your little treasure to venture off the beaten path, the child seat is highly padded for a comfortable ride.  Along with Baby Strollers, we also carry BOB revolution trailers to carry a heavy load around town or touring across the country.

4. Stand-Up Paddle Boards? Once we saw 007 himself (Pierce Brosnan) on a stand up paddle board a few years ago, we knew it was going to be huge.  We brought in our first stand up paddle board line in 2009.  Since then, we have carried four different brands, most recently, Yolo, Ocean Kayak, and Naish.  We will have stand up paddle boards at the boating demo at Shelby Farms (May 8th) this year.  We suggest you give them a try.  It can be addictive.  What are the health benefits?  Well, stand up paddle boarding builds muscle strength in your legs, back, mid-section and arms.  You will also notice that stand up paddle boarding will improve your balance.  Health benefits mixed with a good time? Yes, please.

5. Balance Boards? Balance boards are not just for a good time.  They also can improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles.  We carry Vew Do balance boards.  Full featured balance boards are used during the sport of Performance Balance Board riding as well as during , sport specific balance and core training, strength and fitness training, and physical therapy.  If you stop in to one of the stores, be sure to look for the demo board.


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