How to Ride Your Bike to Work and Not Repulse Your Co-Workers

When I used to work in an office downtown, I would commute in to work as often as I could.  As I would step on to the elevator, people would always strike up conversations about cycling around town.  A lot of the time I would hear people say, “I should give commuting a try,” or “I would ride my bike to work, but I hate being all sweaty and gross afterwards.”  Well, I definitely struggled with that issue myself.  I talked to other biking professionals to see what they did following a commute in to work.  After trying several different approaches and more than a few products, I found a system that worked great for me. Hopefully some of you will find it helpful.

-Ride in something breathable, and bring a full change of clothes with you.  One of the reasons you will sweat on a bike ride is wearing clothes that hold in your body heat and don’t wick the sweat away as you are working out.  The more sweat you wick from you body, the less it will be stuck to you for the rest of the day.

-DO NOT leave your helmet at home because you want to avoid helmet hair!  No need to risk brain damage, when there is actually a solution to this problem at your local drug store.  Dry shampoo is an easy way to freshen up your hair after a commute to the office.  Most brands work just fine, but probably the easiest to find is the Tresemme Fresh Start Shampoo.  It is inexpensive and does the job.

-It never hurts to carry baby wipes.  On a hot summer day, you could ride in the nude and still manage produce a gallon of sweat.  On those days where you can’t help but pour sweat, a wipe down in the bathroom with some baby wipes can make a world of difference.

-Bags can make your commute even hotter.  As another option, you can add panniers (bags attached to your bike) or a basket to your bike, allowing you to be bag free.  If you must carry a bag, we would suggest a lightweight or mesh material.

-If anyone gives you grief about freshening up in the corporate bathroom, be sure to remind him or her that not only have you knocked out your exercise for the day, but you got an amazing parking spot right at the door of the building.  No car needed.

Do you have any tips that make your bike to desk transition easier?  We would love to hear them!


3 responses to “How to Ride Your Bike to Work and Not Repulse Your Co-Workers

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  2. I like to keep my face wash and extra deodorant at work. If I think ahead, I’ll even leave a change of (dress) shoes, so it’s one less thing to pack. Since, there are no showers where I work, I pack all of my work clothes in panniers and freshen up in the bathroom – as the article suggests. Maggie’s Pharm has wonderful scented wipes, as an alternative to baby wipes. I have a clothes hanger at work, where I hang my commuter clothes to dry (I also have some freshening spray – Maggie’s Pharm essential oil mixed with water – so they’re not offensive). It makes for a less disgusting time when putting them back on for the commute home.

  3. That’s not dieting obsession, that’s just using some common sense.
    Choosing to eat right, will decrease body pains, headaches, skin inflammations, bad eyesight, bad breath halitosis andconstipation.

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