How to Beat Winter Hibernation

-Partner Up:  When left to our own devices on a cold day, we may find ourselves lying on the couch under a warm throw blanket watching television.  Having someone motivate you to get out and do something is key to breaking the hibernation cycle.  You can set up days where one person is responsible for getting you on the trail and vice versa.

-Dress Accordingly:  When you have the appropriate winter weather apparel to wear during your outdoor activities, it can make a huge difference in your attitude and motivation.  One mistake people often make when dressing for cold weather activities is that they bundle up so they are comfortable the second they step out of their front door.  Keep in mind that once you get moving, your body heat will rise and those layers you have piled on will start to overheat you.

-Keep moving after work:  The moment you sit down on your couch on a cold afternoon, your day is basically done.  If you walk in the door and immediately change into your workout clothes or start chores, you are more likely to get out and about.

-Mark your Calendar:  Keep you calendar marked up with your outdoor schedule.  If you have a work/personal calendar, you should be sure to include your weekly regimen.  It is not only a reminder, but it keeps you in an active mindset all day.

-Set a Winter Goal:  Setting a goal is one of the easiest ways to get motivated.  It gives you something to strive for, and it will create a pace at which your goal must be achieved.  This can be anything from reaching a weight goal or running Stanky Creek a certain amount of times in 3 months. When you are not working to reach your goal you may feel guilt as you sit on the couch, eating goldfish, and watching Judge Judy.

Hibernation can make getting back into your Spring/Summer routine difficult.  If you have spent the last several months napping and lounging around the house, it can be tough to break back in to running and biking on a regular basis.


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