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Dress Right for the Liberty Bowl this Weekend

This weekend’s
forecast is a high of 69 with rain. How do you avoid missing
the Georgia versus UCF due to poor weather conditions? You dress
appropriately. Layering is the key in this type of
weather. There are many different combination you can go by,
but here are a couple of suggestions.

  1. First
    Layer: A silkweight base layer like Capilene 1 would be ideal to keep you
    warm enough and still wick any sweat that might accumulate during
    your cheering frenzies.
  2. Second Layer: A light
    fleece can be highly beneficial in a situation where it isn’t
    freezing cold, but you will be doing a lot of standing or
    sitting. It is good to have a jacket that will be well
    fitted, like the Patagonia R2 jacket for Men and
    Women. This jacket is lightweight and not bulky, but still
    offers up a good amount of warmth. Another option is the North Face Pumori jacket. It is
    a very basic, but warm fleece jacket with an excellent price point
  3. Third Layer: A lightweight rain
    shell and pants (your team’s colors preferably) is a must in stormy
    weather, where the temperature is around the 60’s. You won’t
    want something that will weigh you down, so a thin shell will
    protect you from the rain and not get in your way. Make sure
    the hood is adjustable, so you have your peripheral view. We
    have several different lightweight rain shells for this very
    purpose. Try the North Face Venture Jacket or the Mountain Hardwear Cohesion
    . You can also refer to our previous blog on
    rain shell options

necessities: – Socks: Standing
around doesn’t give your feet a good chance to warm up, especially
when it is raining. Whether you are going to wear a gore-tex
hiking boot or just rubber rain boots, you will need a nice, warm
sock nestled in your shoes. We suggest a Smartwool sock, medium cushion
hiking. This way your sock will dry quickly if you do get it
wet, but it will still retain its warming abilities.
– Hat: The wind can whip
around the Liberty Bowl pretty fiercely, so whether you are cold
natured or naturally warm, you will still need a hat that covers
your ears. You lose most of your body heat through the top of
your head. Keep it in with a wool or fleece hat.
– Have they created a special
umbrella for nachos yet? Have fun and Go your team name

Outdoors Inc Sponsoring the Winter Cross Country Race Series

Outdoors Inc is the presenting sponsor of the Memphis Runners Track Club’s Winter Cross Country Race Series for the 3rd year in a row.  This four race series takes runners around the Overton Park, Stanky Creek, and Shelby Farms trails.  The races vary in length, the first one being a 3k and the final race being a 10k.

This race series has been a staple in Memphis’ runners Winter regimen. If you are primarily a road runner, this race is a perfect way to ease into the Memphis trail running scene. If you are a strong competitor, this race offers lots of competition, as the turn out is always substantial.

Joe Royer, co-owner of Outdoors Inc, suggests “dress warm to train and light to race” for winter racing.  If you leave the house feeling comfortable in your clothes, you are probably overdressed.  Once you start your run, you will quickly feel your body temperature rise, therefore you will want to shed unnecessary layers.

All the proceeds from this race are given to the MRTC Running Scholarship Fund in Frank Horton’s name.

If you are gearing up for this wintery race series, we would love for you to come see us.  We have plenty of cool weather running gear and experts to guide you to your perfect run.

Good luck out there!

Who Are You Giving to This Holiday?

The holiday season is not just about presents.  It is a great time of year to give back to the organizations that make your community a better place to live.  There are hundreds of great causes to give to in Memphis, but here are a few outdoor specific ones we really love.

  1. Wolf River Conservancy:  The Wolf River Conservancy is responsible for protecting more than 18,000 acres of 42,000 acres within the 100-year flood plain within Tennessee forever. For every $100 donated by members, they receive $1000 in partnerships and grants.  The Conservancy has inspired Greenways in Germantown, Collierville, and Memphis that give bikers, skaters, and walkers a place to enjoy safe, scenic paths.
  2. Shelby Farms Park Conservancy:  Shelby Farms is one of Memphis’ greatest resources for the outdoor enthusiast.  It is home to a multitude of fauna and flora.  Through the Shelby Farms Conservancy you can make a donation that goes to protecting and preserving the Park or you can adopt a buffalo on the grounds.  Shelby Farms Park Conservancy is also responsible for maintaining the Shelby Farms Greenline trail that we all love so much.  Donations to the conservancy not only help keep the park clean and safe, but also the Greenline.
  3. Greater Memphis Greenline:  This organization is helping “rails to trails” projects pop up all over town.  The first successful project from Greater Memphis Greenline was the Shelby Farms Greenline, which has brought outdoor enthusiasts together all across the city, linking midtown to Cordova.  Future plans include linking present greenlines to a downtown trail that leads to the river.  These projects require funding and helpful volunteers year round.
  4. Sierra Club: Since 1892, the Sierra Club has been working to protect communities, wild places, and the planet itself. They are the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.  The Chickasaw chapter in Memphis is always looking for new members and donations.  This is a wonderful group to get involved with in your city.
  5.  This may not be a local organization, but it is one that can help Memphis receive grants and funding for bike lanes and other bicycle friendly endeavors.  Get involved by signing the pledge saying you are for bikes, or make a donation that helps fund bike initiatives and create a more bike compatible America.
  6. Mississippi River Trail: A trail worthy of everyone’s bucket list, the MRT is comprised of over 3,000 miles of greenways and trails that stretch from Lake Itasca in Minnesota, all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  When donating to MRT, inc, you are helping fund, develop, expand, and preserve the bicycle-friendly, multi-use trails that connect 10 states.
  7. Mississippi River Corridor:  This project focuses on conserving and improving unique natural beauty and rich history of the wilderness, recreation lands, working farms and forests, parks, and wildlife habitat in the 650,000-acre area from the River to the famous Chickasaw Bluffs. Supporting this cause helps preserve, protect, and enhance the Mississippi River Corridor so that many people will enjoy it far into the future.
  8. Friends for our Riverfront:  If you have picnicked alongside the river, or watched the sun set over the river from the grass lining the Great Mississippi, you will be excited to support Friends for our Riverfront.  They were created in 2003 to oppose the Riverfront Development Corporation’s plan to let private interests develop public land at the taxpayers’ expense.  The Friends of our Riverfront have a vision that includes revitalization of the river front and public park areas.  You can either make a donation through their website, or you can purchase the Save Our Riverfront CD.  All profit from the CD benefits FOOR.

There are plenty of ways to spend you money this holiday season, but why not do some good?  We’d love to hear from you.  What are your favorite causes?

*If we left out your outdoors specific cause, please forgive us.  There are so many amazing organizations; it’s hard to name them all