Fall/Winter Trail Runner’s Gear Guide (Staff Picks)

You can throw on road running shoes, some long pants, and a wicking shirt to go running, sure.  That doesn’t necessarily make for a great experience though.  The clothes and gear you wear for trail running should change with the seasons.  Here are a couple of things we have in the stores to make your trail running times enjoyable.

  1. A good watch with heart rate capabilities:  Did you know a watch could track your distance, heart rate, calories burned, speed and more?  Well, they can.  We have several different brands of Heart rate monitoring watches, but one that seems to be a stand out is the Suunto T4-D.  This watch can do it all.  For the specs of this watch you can go to their website.  If you have ever wondered mid-workout how hard your body is working, this is the watch for you.  The Suunto T4-D watch has a real-time Training Effect option where you can look at an accurate measure of your workout and adjust your pace as needed.  This can actually help you design a training regime to fit the results you seek.  Pretty cool, huh?
    Honorable Mention: Garmin Forerunner 301
  2. A good pair of tights:  We have an abundance of cool weather tights for running and cycling in our stores.  One stands out with a technology only scientists could invent.  The CW-X tights were developed with kinesiology, the study of human movement, in mind.  The scientists at Wacoal Human Science Research Center in Kyoto, Japan studied 35,000 people’s injuries that occurred from warm-up and cool-down periods of exercise.  The CW-X tights and shorts were created to mirror kineseo tape that you might see professional athletes sporting when they have injured muscles.  It offers support for your joints and muscles by creating an exoskeleton support system that improves bio-mechanics during motion.  If you are prone to running related injuries, these are the tights for you.
    Honorable Mention- Patagonia Cool Weather Tights
  3. A fine pair of stable shoes:  No, you cannot just use your road running shoes on the trails.  On a trail, your ankle is more susceptible to injury; therefore you need a shoe that performs differently.  Salomon makes a variety of great trail running shoes with extreme stability and comfort.  One stands out to our staff as a favorite: The SpeedCross 2.  It is an ultra-light, race-ready shoe with aggressive tread that works great year round.  One of the unique features of Salomon shoes is the uni-lacing system.  The laces are made of Kevlar (that’s right, just like bulletproof vests) and it is all one consecutive lace.  Because approximately 80% of people over-pronate when walking and running, this lacing system offers extra support on the inner section of your foot.  A lightweight, stable trail running shoe.  What more could you want?
    Honorable Mention- The North Face Ultra 104 (Gore-Tex Optional)
  4. A warm, lightweight jacket with wind protection:  When you are out in the elements running, the last thing you would want is a bulky fleece that lets wind pass right through.  Wind is a strong factor in how cold you get when out running.  What you really need is a thin, windproof jacket with a light lining.  The North Face Flight Apex Climate Jacket is the perfect combo.  This is a slim, windproof jacket that gives you all the wind protection you need and no extra bulk to get in your way.   When paired with the proper layering, this jacket is perfect for a cool day on the trails.
    Honorable Mention-Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover
  5. A water bottle that doesn’t get in the way:  For a long time, people were wearing Camelbacks on long trail runs.  There is nothing wrong with a Camelback, if you don’t mind the weight and warm material on your back.  Ultimate Direction offers a different way to carry your drink of choice.  The Fastdraw Xtreme fits perfectly in your hand and offers a zippered stash pocket for a key, money, or gel.  The only downside to this in opposition of a camelbak is that you cannot carry as much water with you.  The Fastdraw Xtreme is perfect for a short to medium distance run.
    Honorable Mention: Ultimate Direction Access Gel Waist Pack

Other Must Haves:
-Long sleeved wicking shirt
-Polarized Sunglasses
-A lightweight hat
-Energy gel or bars

Product pictured on Robin Kendall, Union Avenue Store Manager
Suunto T4-D
CW-X Stabilyx Tights
The North Face Impulse ¼ zip shirt
Patagonia R2 Vest
Oakley Endure
Water Bottle:
Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Xtreme
The North Face Vaporwick Endurance Cap
Black Jacket:
The North Face Flight Apex Climate Jacket
Blue Jacket:
The North Face Torpedo Jacket
Salomon Speedcross 2


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