5 Websites for Finding and Mapping the Ideal Bike Route

Memphis Bike TrailsWith the Greenline putting Memphis cycling in the spotlight, people all over the city are wondering how they can map bike routes to work, school, or anywhere else in the city.  While we are waiting on bike lanes to populate the city, a safe street bike route is the best way to get from place to place in our fair city.  Here are just a few easy ways to find or chart a bike route:

  1. MapMyRide.com:  This is by far the easiest to use interface for bike route mapping.  With this site, you can easily create bike routes and mark water stations, bathroom breaks, and first-aid stations.  If you are organizing a group ride, MapMyRide is a great way to create a route to send in email or print for distribution.  You can create an account to save your routes for future use and share them with other users.  Pretty nifty, huh?
  2. Google Bike Routes:  We have been using Google Maps for years to figure out the perfect route for road trips.  This last year, Google introduced bike route functionality where you can put in your current location and destination, and it will show you the best bike path to take.  Google Bike Routes are in Beta, so be patient with it.  Google’s not finished tweaking it.
  3. Bikely.com:  Bikely works similar to MapMyRide, where you can search the system for specific bike routes that have been contributed by other users.  Do you have a cool bike route that should be shared with the rest of the world?  Well, Bikely is the site for you.  You can find short distance routes to extended touring bike trips.
  4. BikeMap.Net:  This is a site that is not yet utilized widely in our city, but it works just as well as all the other options.  You can easily create a route on the map and save it for others to use.  You can also share your route on Facebook (what can you not share on Facebook these days?).  Like Google Bike Routes, this site is in the Beta phase, but it works fine for simple route mapping and sharing.
  5. AdventureCycling.org:  This is a wonderful resource for cyclist all across America.  Through this site you can find adventure routes, guided tours offered, complete maps of the U.S. Bicycle Route System, and much more.

Now that you can map your bike paths, where do you plan to ride?


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